Donations Have Been Made

The funds came from Linden Labs to our paypal account much quicker than ever! That is very exciting. I came home today and they were there, so I’ve made the donations. The total that come to us after all fees from LL and Paypal were deducted was $426.02 as shown in the paypal transaction below. So that means each of the charities received $213.01 as shown in each of the donation receipts listed here. So we are all closed out! Thank you all for supporting the event.

*Note – personal information such as credit card information have been removed from these receipts to protect the owner of the card. Thank you.


Hope After Harvey Is Now Closed!

Thank you all for a fantastic Fundraiser for those affected by the recent Hurricanes. We were able to raise $114,739L which is going to be about $426 USD donated after all the fees to get the funds out to paypal to donate. See the photos below that show the process lindens history and accounts for the lindens. As soon as the donations are made, we will post the receipts here on this website!

The Hope After Harvey Fundraiser Begins!

In Second Life we often forget, when we stare at perfect pixels all day, every day, that there are real people behind these avatars. And as real people, sometimes we suffer the real realities of life and its struggles.

Recently, Models Giving Back received a notecard from one such individual, affected by the displacement of the recent evacuations throughout Texas and other surrounding areas..

So many people that are our friends, co-workers, and families here in Second Life are affected by the devastation that was left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. And, as we know from previous water related emergencies, it will take a long time to recover fully.

Therefore, we as Models Giving Back have decided to run a two week fundraising event to help. For some in Second Life this might be the only way they can help make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering right now.

We have decided to split the proceeds from this fundraiser to two sources –
1. The American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund
2. The Houston Humane Society to help with care for Animals displaced as well

Both of those sources are well established, on the ground in the area there helping and documenting it, and have online portals for us to be able to place the funds keeping everything transparent as we always do.


..:: What do I need to do to help? ::..

If you’d like to participate in this two-week event we are holding to benefit the efforts in Texas and the surrounding areas, then it’s really very simple:

— Provide one item at 100% donation or two items at 50% donation each. These do NOT have to be brand new, exclusive items. They can be special recolors of pre-existing items, offered for the benefit of our cause. All we ask is that this special recolor can ONLY be found at the event, for its duration, never to be seen again. If you can’t do that – than any item is just fine!

— We will have a special location for the event on MGB land where you will place your vendor prior to opening. As of right now, these are the only items we can allow you to place at the sim in the vendor space. As the event gets closer to beginning, we MAY allow additional items to be rezzed for partial donation of your choosing, but this will be solely based on prim limitations and designer participation. You will need to be in the MGB Events group to be able to Rezz on our land.

— This process will happen fast! We’d like to open on September 6th and run the event through the 20th.
— If you’d like to participate with us, fill out this VERY SHORT (again, this process will be fast!) Google form letting us know, and someone will contact you with more information and a land group. We plan to accept as many as we can take, as long as they are willing to help us. We will send confirmations out as we receive applications. This confirmation will have all the additional information you need.


Any questions about this fashion element of this event can be directed to Jamee Binder (Jamee Sandalwood), Models Giving Back Founder/CEO. In her absence, you may contact Tivi Inglewood (Tiviyah Resident), Models Giving Back Show Coordinator/Model, and she will do her best to help if she can!

We look forward to doing the most good possible!


Jamee Binder (Jamee Sandalwood)
Models Giving Back Founder/CEO